The Fashion Shoot: the most unglamorous event ever?

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I had planned all details to a “T” or so I thought.  Agency was contacted, models were selected, the photographer was booked, make up artists and hair stylist was booked, I would do the accessory and shoot styling and we would have a fun day snapping pictures I thought.

I selected the items to be modeled and then went about shopping for complimentary accessories.  This done, I prepared a sample collection of items for the models to try on three days before the shoot.

This is when things began to go pear shaped.  One of the models was a size 10 on her top half and 12 one her bottom half. She complained that she could never get two-piece suits that fit because of her discrepant sizing.  Well I thought, Models are not so perfect after all, mind you most of us would take on the slight inconvenience of discrepant sizing if we got her height, looks and hair!  That being said, I would have to solve this problem by making her a skirt to match the suit she was modeling.  It was Friday afternoon and the shoot would take place on Tuesday.  To do list make skirt, have a fitting, finish skirt, iron all items for the shoot, sort all items into a numbered order for the shoot by Tuesday!  Team me, myself and I had our work cut out to prepare for the photo shoot on Tuesday.

I delegated the task of making the skirt to “me” who made the skirt on Sunday, organized the fitting on Monday and managed to finish it.  Then “myself” began the nightmare task of ironing all items for the photo shoot!   “Myself” sweated it out until 2am in the morning ironing the items for the shoot! “I” loaded the car ready with all the shoot paraphinalia including a generator for the photographer and eventually crashed into bed at 3am.

The day of the shoot “I” looked into the mirror and had a fit at the size of the bags under her eyes.   It was planned that “I” as the designer would be included in some shots, the make up artist would have to work miracles to hide the “sleep deprivation eyes syndrome” that “I” was currently suffering from.

The shoot began at noon. “I” picked up the photographer from the train station, “Me” organized the items for the shoot, the make up artist began transforming the girls from beautiful beings into goddesses and the photographer began setting up.  “Myself” checked that all items and accessories were correctly ordered.  “Oh no” “myself” exclaimed, she had forgotten to pack the camisoles for the suits and a belt for one of the trousers.    “I” volunteered to go to the nearest store to buy the missing items.   As always, it is never easy to find the right item to buy in a hurry.   No store in the vicinity had a belt with the right width for the belt loops on the trousers.  Camisoles in size 10 were sold out!  “I” had to beg a store manager to let her have the belt on a mannequin in the window and instead of a camisole selected a T shirt.  Shoot back on track.   The photo shoot finally began in earnest at the studio.

Three locations were planned for the shoot; a studio, bar-restaurant Noohn and by the Rhine river.  We envisaged three to four hours to complete the shoot.  What an underestimation.   At 3pm we were ready for the Bar shoot and only at 5 pm did we begin the Rhine river shoot.   Out of fear of the very slim models having a hypo from lack of food, “myself” organized sandwiches and drinks for all.  Thankfully no one collapsed and at 6pm, six hours after starting, the shoot was done!

What a day!  “I”, “myself” and “I” were exhausted but the effort was so worth it.  Eugene Theodore, the photographer is a magician.  It was wonderful to watch him bring out the best side of the already beautiful girls.  Check out his web page Diana from Xsicht model agency in Basel did an amazing job on the make-up and hair styling……….and the models Carolina and Alyssa were a delight to work with.  As for “Me” Myself” and “I”….well despite the odd glitch, we managed to learn a lot and survived the day!

Here is a preview of the shoot.   We will be updating the website shortly with the shoot pictures.  We will of course notify you as soon as the photos are up!

Have a great weekend. The Reina de Santiago team