What should I wear?

What should I wear?

My significant other half was on the other side of the world on valentines’ day, however he made up for it by promising a night out at the opera to celebrate on his return.  The Sydney Opera house I gushed…..oh yes.    I knew immediately, I had to wear a little black number.  Now I have many of these but somehow none of them made the grade.  Imagine the scene, one hapless lady with so many options but nothing to wear.  Then I put on my designer thinking cap and wondered how I could spruce up anyone of these little black numbers.   A quick sketch, then a pattern and then many hours later,  the cape was born.

What do you think?  A cape can go a long way to make your outfit pop.   I can honestly say that I stopped traffic on my way to the opera.

Spice up your little black dress with a Reina de Santiago cape, we guarantee your outfit will pop pop pop!

We have three options; pink, silver or gold.    Shop the cape

Pack a punch in pink



Look regal in silver









Be bold in gold


Photographs: Lisaaltavilla photography 


Reina de Santiago® is a fashion label for elegant women. The brand philosophy is to celebrate different cultures by mixing fabrics used by women from different parts of the world to create unique pieces. Reina de Santiago® begins in West Africa with Ankara; also known as Hollandaise or African wax fabric. Reina de Santiago® is for the confident woman, who never compromises on style. She is always noticed and never just seen.

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