Addiction to African Wax

Addiction to African Wax

The Reina de Santiago team members have one thing in common.  They are addicted to wax.  How does this addiction manifest itself?.  Well we scour high and low for all things wax and we all collect bales of wax fabric in every colour imaginable.   One team member has a wall covered in squares of wax.  She likens her collection to trophies.  Each square representing the best of the best from the season.  Are you a wax addict? take our little test and find out.

1) Do you buy African wax fabrics more than once a month?

2) Do you browse through pinterest or instagram using #african wax #african print fabric on a daily basis?

3) Do you have a cupboard bursting with wax fabrics

4) Are you signed up to receive newsletters, notifications from African wax fabric stores, or designers whose collections include african wax fabric?

5) Do you have many items of clothing made partly or wholly from African wax?

6) If you were given the choice of dinner out in a fancy restaurant or 1 vlisco fabrics of your choice you would choose a Vlisco fabric and forgo dinner

7) Can you name at least 2 African wax fabric manufacturers / Sellers?

8) Do you know at least 2 synonyms for African wax fabric

9) In which country are the best African wax fabrics manufactured?

10)Do you know the history of African wax? (if you don’t click on the link below to get the low down on the history of the wax )

The Verdict

Wax Addict:  answered Yes to 7 or more questions and would prefer Vlisco fabric to dinner.


Wax addicts, decked from head to toe in African wax


Wax addict in the making: Yes to 5 or more questions but still prefers dinner to Vlisco fabric


Wax addicts in the making


So what are you? An African wax addict or an African wax addict in the making.



Reina de Santiago® is a fashion label for elegant women. The brand philosophy is to celebrate different cultures by mixing fabrics used by women from different parts of the world to create unique pieces. Reina de Santiago® begins in West Africa with Ankara; also known as Hollandaise or African wax fabric. Reina de Santiago® is for the confident woman, who never compromises on style. She is always noticed and never just seen.

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