New Year new You

New Year new You

2017, already in full swing , the first month almost at an end.   Firstly happy new year.  May 2017 be exciting, prosperous and good to you.   As the Reina de Santiago team pondered what 2017 has in store for each of us, we revisited the dreaded new year resolution list.  Most of us have a virtual or actual list of to dos and aspirations for the year.   This helps us to start  the year with good intentions.   The more personal the list is, i.e. dependent only on you and only you, the more chance one has of accomplishing the activities listed.  Finally, the more people you tell about your resolutions, the more likely you are to achieve them.  Without further ado, Team me myself and I share our resolutions with you.

1) Eat less junk

2) Do more sport

3) Say no to the kids less

4) Share my design ideas with Reina de Santiago followers

5) Dedicate one  week a month to explore new design ideas for Reina de Santiago

6) Make one sample garment for future collections each month

7) Build Instagram profile

8) Partner with other designers for events

9) Share monthly blog with Reina de Santiago followers

10) Be happy

All the above depend on me and because I’ve told you about them, I have a better chance of accomplishing all.  Share your resolutions and lets reach for the sky together.  All the best for 2017.

Reina de Santiago team




Reina de Santiago® is a fashion label for elegant women. The brand philosophy is to celebrate different cultures by mixing fabrics used by women from different parts of the world to create unique pieces. Reina de Santiago® begins in West Africa with Ankara; also known as Hollandaise or African wax fabric. Reina de Santiago® is for the confident woman, who never compromises on style. She is always noticed and never just seen.

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