Every Diva should posses a killer pair of heels

Every Diva should posses a killer pair of heels

On a recent jaunt to Florence to purchase fabrics, I was possessed by a killer pair of heels. As I waited for my baggage to arrive in the arrival hall, a pair of shoes caught my eye.  I turned to look at them.  Completely  taken aback, I got out my phone and took a picture of the divine shoes that seemed to be an apparition on the wall.  Those shoes must be mine, I told myself.   Later that day, with fabric purchases done, I took the opportunity to go searching for those shoes.

Imagine my delight when I found them and in my size.  A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes and every now and then, she deserves to treat herself with some killer heels.


Reina de Santiago® is a fashion label for elegant women. The brand philosophy is to celebrate different cultures by mixing fabrics used by women from different parts of the world to create unique pieces. Reina de Santiago® begins in West Africa with Ankara; also known as Hollandaise or African wax fabric. Reina de Santiago® is for the confident woman, who never compromises on style. She is always noticed and never just seen.

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