Best book I’ve read in a long while

Best book I’ve read in a long while

I was doing the long haul Sydney to London with two pre-schoolers in tow.  Not for the faint hearted.  We had made it to Singapore where we had a two hour layover.  I had timed our activities to perfection.  First stop the loos, then the lounge for a snack, followed by a duty free treat for the kids and then back to security to board the plane.  I planned to use the duty free treats to bribe the children into good behaviour for the next leg of the flight, a long 12 hours.   The threat of I’ll take your new toy away would be very necessary to keep wild behaviour in check.  Poor kids I know, they are not designed to sit still for 12 hours but on a plane that is what is required and you do what you gotta do.  The plan was working a treat, both kids chose their treats that would help keep them occupied and well behaved for a significant part of the trip.

We headed to security as we got there, one child announces mum I need to do caca.  We just went to the loo I shrieked, why did you not do caca when we were there?.  I don’t know came the sheepish reply.   So off to the loos I ran for the second time with the kids in tow.  Can a child hurry nature? no is the answer and so my best plan began to unravel.   The only person in danger of wild behaviour was me at the thought of missing our connection to London.  With the afore mentioned sanitary business taken care of.  I put two kids on a baggage trolley and ran to the gate.  The security officer saw me coming and knew the drill.  Mum with kids in a hurry.  Our paths were cleared.  He helped put our bags through the Xray machine and then just as I was going through the body scanner he handed me a book.  You forgot this on your trolley he added.  I was so flustered and out of breadth at this point that I just took the book.   Moments later we boarded the plane, the 2nd to last passengers and I collapsed in a heap in my chair.   The air hostesses took pity on me and sorted out the kids who promptly fell asleep exhausted from the rushing around.   I sat zombified for a good two hours watching the destination map all the while thinking I’ve got another 10 hours of this.


Then I noticed the book in my hand. It had been carefully wrapped in clear cellophane, there was no name written on or in the book.   I read the title   “Me before You”.   I shrugged, as the mother of pre-schoolers, I hadn’t read an adult novel in a long time! I began to read, a passion of mine in my pre-kids days and I continued reading for 8 hours until I finished the book.  The narrative had me gripped as I am sure it will you.  The kids slept eight hours straight and just as I finished came the first “Mama I need to go potty”.  The next three hours were a breeze, the double movie treat of tangled, and  frozen (for the umpteenth time) and colouring Peppa pig and Thomas the tank engine kept the kids busy.  We arrived in London, with me very tired but in good spirits, the kids full of energy and in good as normal.  Me before You, I can only add that, had the book been a weak performer, I would have cast it aside in favour of sleep.  This book had me gripped from the first chapter and kept me gripped right up until the end.   So taken was I by the book, that I watched the film of the book on my return journey to Sydney.  The film adaptation is also excellent.  Here’s to you having a good read, and if you do not have time, enjoy the movie.

Me before You

Author: Jo Jo Moyes


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